Functional Psychiatry

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About Functional Psychiatry

Traditional psychiatry is effective for a number of different ailments, but it is not the solution to every psychiatric issue. Many times, psychiatry can be focused on treating the symptom rather than the underlying disease.

For years, psychiatrists have utilized the DSM-V to determine treatment options based on symptoms of a given patient. However, these treatments are not always based on the biology of the brain or diseases and disorders that can affect the brain or a person’s biochemical ecosystem. Much of the treatment for issues such as anxiety are based on medical theory and may not be the ideal treatment for every patient.

Instead, we at Bridgepoint offer functional psychiatry for patients where the evidence shows that these efforts may be more beneficial. Functional psychiatry is an evidence-based approach where we look at the root causes of chemical imbalances and brain function through laboratory testing and brain mapping when necessary. This extensive approach helps better diagnose the original cause of the issue at hand.

Functional psychiatry is focused on the root cause and provides up-to-date treatment options based on cutting-edge research in areas including epigenetics, genomics, neuro-physiological psychology, somatics and more.Following diagnoses, we can work with you to build an individualized and comprehensive approach that puts the health of your brain in context with your whole body. This can range from hormone imbalances, immune system issues or even issues with your gastrointestinal system that can contribute to psychiatric illness. We also consider psychosocial and cultural factors including trauma, childhood events, stressors, and other factors that may not be included in a diagnosis from the DSM-V.

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Bridgepoint encourages clinicians, patients, and their loved ones to research new methodologies and techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing. To assist with your own learning, we’ve put together a variety of resources on a variety of topics – including genomics – to help you on your mental health journey.

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