Integrative Psychiatry

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At Bridgepoint, our focus is to assist our patients in discovering the root cause of their condition and guide them toward a long-term solution to their issues. We see the body as a complex ecosystem. Every part of who we are is connected both within us and to the world around us. Integrative psychiatry looks at these relationships and considers the whole ecosystem in our approach. Through integrative psychiatry, we look holistically at your needs using both conventional and complementary therapies.

In our approach through integrative psychiatry, we look at your individual needs to determine solutions that would best suit your lifestyle while strengthening self-awareness and providing you with valuable resources for self-care. These can include bioindividual nutrition, DNA methylation pathway profiling, micronutrient therapy and more.

Other integrative psychiatric treatments include:

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Ideal Candidates

It’s important to note that integrative psychiatry options are ideal for those who want to take responsibility for their well-being by addressing the direct effects of their lifestyle, emotions and social interactions. These options can also be effective for individuals who have not tolerated traditional psychiatric treatments or those that have responded optimally to those same types of treatments.

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Bridgepoint encourages clinicians, patients, and their loved ones to research new methodologies and techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing. To assist with your own learning, we’ve put together a variety of resources on a variety of topics to help you on your mental health journey.

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