Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a non-invasive means of treating a wide array of mental health diagnoses as well as certain physical injuries such as traumas to the brain. Bridgepoint is the only psychiatric clinic in the state of Georgia who utilizes hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a treatment for select diagnoses.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? How does it work?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical procedure that amplifies your body’s natural response to injury or trauma while accelerating the healing process. By breathing 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized chamber, you enable your lungs to increase the amount of oxygen made available to your bloodstream. Your blood then carries the added oxygen throughout your body, reducing swelling that enables white blood cells to fight any bacteria. This process allows increased blood flow for enhanced healing to damaged tissues.

A painless procedure, HBOT can effectively treat and heal a number of mental health conditions and provide a first step toward healing. You may hear the HBOT process called other names such as hyperbaric therapy, oxygen treatment, or hyperbaric oxygen treatment. These names all perform the same treatment and can be interchanged as desired.

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What conditions can hyperbaric oxygen therapy treat successfully?

Thanks to the added oxygen in your bloodstream, HBOT is effective at treating many different conditions. While HBOT is exceptionally effective in treating physical conditions such as traumas and other injuries, it can sometimes be useful in aiding cognitive issues including memory problems and attention deficit disorders.

At Bridgepoint, we use HBOT to treat effectively the following conditions:

  • Aging and its effect on the body
  • Attention disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Blood disorders
  • Brain abscess
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Etc…. [specific list to be provided by Bridgepoint]
  • And others as suggested by our clinical staff.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a proven method for treating multiple conditions. Contact us to learn more about HBOT and how our treatments may provide you with the relief you are seeking.

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What benefits does hyperbaric oxygen therapy provide?

Because oxygen is essential to healing in your body, HBOT provides multiple benefits. Without sufficient oxygen levels, your blood is not able to carry an adequate supply to your body for the required healing. Through its ability to increase oxygen in your bloodstream, HBOT provides a larger oxygen supply to your body for faster healing.

  • Increased blood flow – The enhanced levels of oxygen produced by HBOT provide significant healing capabilities for your body’s natural healing process. Plus, many mental health conditions are attributed to low blood flow and inadequate oxygen supply. HBOT is effective in treating and improving many mental health and brain health ailments including attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorders.
  • Expedited healing – The increased oxygen levels produced by HBOT increases your body’s ability to heal itself. The heightened oxygen content reduces inflammation and swelling, and it provides a boost to cells and tissues as they naturally repair the damage inside your body.
  • New cell generation – HBOT stimulates the growth of new connective tissues and new skin cells through its promotion of new blood vessel formation.
  • Improved social function for patients with autism – Because low blood flow is associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the increased oxygen and blood flow provided through hyperbaric oxygen therapy can have positive results for those suffering from ASD. A 2009 research article showed that children participating in 40 HBOT treatments resulted in improvements to overall function and eye contact, as well as improvements to other related ASD symptoms.

Because this list does not provide a comprehensive list of overall HBOT benefits, we encourage you to call and speak with one of our trained staff members who can evaluate your specific situation and let you know how HBOT could improve your conditions.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is the tool used to perform HBOT. The chamber is a sealed container that completely encloses the patient. Once secure and ready for treatment, the chamber provides increased atmospheric pressure as well as infused oxygen. Through the increased pressure provided by the chamber, the patient’s body is able to absorb higher levels of oxygen and relay this added oxygen to the blood stream for an improved healing process as blood flows naturally through the body.

Throughout each treatment, therapists are able to monitor and communicate easily with the patient. Because the therapy is passive, the patient may rest, enjoy music, or watch movies during the therapy process.

Is HBOT safe? Are there side effects to hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

HBOT is non-invasive, and any potential side effects are rare and generally produce minor discomforts related to the atmospheric pressure involved in the treatment. As with any form of treatment, your doctor will review your unique condition with you and inform you of any potential outcomes.

How can I start Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

To determine if your condition can be effectively treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please contact us at Bridgepoint today. We will conduct an evaluation over the phone and then set up an interview with one of our therapists for a complete analysis.

Once approved for HBOT, we will schedule your treatments promptly to help begin your healing process. To avoid delays, we recommend contacting us as soon as you think HBOT might be an option for you.


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