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At Bridgepoint Clinic, we believe that psychiatry offers hope and healing for many. We have seen patients suffering from sleep deprivation, depression, appetite disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD), mood concerns, bi-polarity, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) receive meaningful and lasting relief from a wide range of approaches. Our staff understands this multi-dimensional methodology and is ready to provide whatever relief you may seek utilizing long-established psychiatric treatment methods.

Venn Diagram showing the philosophy of traditional, functional, and integrative psychiatry.

Why a multi-dimensional approach? We understand that not everyone is the same. To that end, we are ready and well-versed in cutting-edge and proven scientific approaches that have provided significant relief to a wide range of patients. In fact, we are experts at dealing with complicated problems when traditional approaches may not work, and we are specifically equipped to assess which modality – or mixture of modalities – will provide the best therapy.

No matter your psychological concerns, we will work with you to establish a treatment that produces meaningful solutions. It is that commitment to the patient that has led us to study and learn emerging restorative pathways – from nutritional and dietary systems, to genomics, to motor-therapy and neurodevelopment therapy.

At Bridgepoint Clinic, we strive to help you or your loved one attain optimum mental health – and we do so via the approach, or combination of approaches, that produces the best results.

We happily work with a wide range of clients, from children to young adults and adults and seniors – all in a welcoming environment designed to produce total mental wellbeing.

Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans and initial consultations are comprised of three elements:

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We scientifically analyze the many factors that may be contributing to your condition both internally as well as through your external ecosystem. We work to uncover the root cause of your symptoms rather than treat the symptoms so that we can work together towards healing.

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Many traditional treatments result in a one-size-fits-all approach to psychiatry. While those treatments are sometimes needed, we work to tailor our approach to your individual biochemistry and needs. Again, we are focused on your individual complex ecosystem.

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Our goal is to help you find long-term healing. Instead of always advocating to treat the symptoms of your issues, we strive to choose natural treatments where possible.

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Can't come to us? We prefer if you come in, but video is available too!

We are familiar with and very much at ease working remotely. We understand your needs and busy schedule may keep you from visiting our offices, but we are quite comfortable with conducting tele-health calls. Thanks to modern technology, we can still be very effective at providing meaningful mental health aid over a video conferencing call. And because we offer the unique range of services that we do, we are adept at handling clients who live far from our offices.