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About Somatics

It is proven that the mind-body connection can be quite powerful in helping to heal certain aspects of your wellbeing, including some aspects of mental health. To that end, we explore this connection – known as “somatics” – with our patients.

By exploring somatics you may be able to combine your mind-body connection with natural movement and touch, to heal emotional and psychological stress. We will help you explore techniques such as rolfing, body-mind centering, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais method, Laban movement analysis, dance, yoga, pilates, and aikido in order to help you achieve healing.

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Bridgepoint encourages clinicians, patients, and their loved ones to research new methodologies and techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing. To assist with your own learning, we’ve put together a variety of resources on a variety of topics – including genomics – to help you on your mental health journey.

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