Neuro-Physiological Psychology

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About Neuro-Physiological Psychology

After 45 years of research, it has been proven that mental health conditions and concerns connected to a wide range of issues, including writing and reading deficiencies, attention deficit disorder, educational underachievement, dyslexia, dyspraxia, coordination issues, behavioral issues, and even panic disorder in adults can often be alleviated by a targeted daily movement program.

But this is not just as simple as going outside and getting some exercise. In fact, it is called neuro-physiological psychology and can be administered by a trained professional. At Bridgepoint, we understand neuro-physiological psychology and what a potent force it can be in solving certain psychologically related concerns. We will assess yourself or your child for what aid neuro-physiological psychology may supply.

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Bridgepoint encourages clinicians, patients, and their loved ones to research new methodologies and techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing.To assist with your own learning, we’ve put together a variety of resources on a variety of topics – including genomics – to help you on your mental health journey.

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