Traditional Psychiatry

Young frustrated man solving his mental problems while having therapy session with psychologist

About Traditional Psychiatry

A tried-and-true method of mental healing for many, we are still very much firm believers in traditional psychiatry, individualized therapy, and group therapies. And despite our knowledge of and practices in other forms of therapy, we realize just how powerful traditional psychiatry can prove. Our approach does not just talk through your problems, as we will help you explore your concerns and delve into possible solutions and approach healing in a manner designed to provide meaningful and lasting wellbeing.

We treat a variety of conditions including:

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Bridgepoint encourages clinicians, patients, and their loved ones to research new methodologies and techniques to improve mental health and wellbeing. To assist with your own learning, we’ve put together a variety of resources on a variety of topics – including genomics – to help you on your mental health journey.

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