Bridgepoint Clinic therapists and staff will be speaking at DragonCon for the first time this year. Panelists will be featured in three separate conversations all focused on how mental health is portrayed in culture, comics, movies, and the media. If you plan on attending this year’s event, we hope to see you there.

Bridgepoint Clinic Exclusive Panels

A Night at Arkham: Real Therapists Treats the Joker
Panelists: Edward Hicks, Jessica Perez, Sarafina, Britney Leckner
Saturday at 4:00 PM

Therapist Discuss Moon Knight and Dissociative Identity Disorder
Panelists: Edward Hicks, Jessica Perez
Sunday at 11:30 AM

Bridgepoint therapists will also participate in:

HBOMAX’s Minx: A Historical Deep Dive into the Sexual Revolution and Feminism
Bridgepoint Panelist: Tatiana Moore
Friday at 10:00 PM (Adult Only Panel)

The location of some panels may be subject to change so please consult the DragonCon app for location details.